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32 cents at a time December 11, 2008

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      Hello all thank you for stopping by our little corner of the web. I would like to take the chance now to introduce us and give a little background on this blog. My husband and I are like so many parents across America right now. We face the same hardships, financial woes, fears, and frustrations as many of you. This blog is all about the different tips and tricks in our arsenal to help combat the everyday drudgery through this recession. 

     Your probably wondering why we’re  located at :  

     Well the explanation for that is pretty easy. My DH worked for a company that makes engines and transmissions for the army, and for national auto makers. We all know what kind of a catastrophe that industry has become for the moment. DH was laid off like many others across the country but like most we believed, or at least had hope it would get better.

     We have all seen economic slowdown before right? When time passed and no jobs were being thrown at his feet I began to pick up the pace with my freelancing work and court research.  One particular night DH asked me “How in hell are we going to make it?”

     Being a court researcher has its perks, it also has severe disadvantages. One problem being that you get paid .32 cents for each record that you collect. Sounds great doesn’t it? I use this job to supplement my income when freelancing is slow because after all… we are a dime a dozen.

    As an independent contractor I get to set my own hours, be my own boss, work in my pj’s, and be home with my kids. Sounds great right? That’s what I thought too, until I found out it was just like work.

      Don’t get me wrong I love the pj’s and being with my kids.  But I commute between several courthouses so I am not exactly at home. When the weather is mean I’m not exactly getting much done either.  What I really am is an over- glorified, underpaid, wage earner; without a 401k and health plan. The point of this long winded paragraph is that the only answer I had for my husband who looked at me with worry filled eyes, “We will make it .32 cents at a time.”

     Our blog will be centered on ways to help everyone make it through this crisis. We will talk about ways to become more energy efficient, self sufficient, family dependant as well as many projects you can tackle from a DIY perspective.

     The focus is to get your family and your sanity through this economic stop. I say economic stop because much of the country has been in a slow down for months, most will soon follow. 

     These tips are practical, resourceful, and get the job done just like Americans. Use them, employ them, and lets walk out of this thing with some money saved  instead of further in debt. The less you have to rely on what is outside your home, the easier it will be for you to make it.